What Do You Give Your Mom?

I hope my Mom forgets to check my blog and doesn’t see this post. I adore her but I can’t say I’m the best gift giver ever. That’s why I’m writing this in hopes of getting some feedback from you guys regarding birthday gift ideas for her. I’m thinking of getting her the Vitamin C Serum that she originally asked for, but I thought that would be too lazy of me.

Do you guys have any suggestions? Please comment below. I’d love to hear from you. :)

The Phenom

Until now, I can’t stop reading news articles and blog posts regarding this young phenom, Mo’Ne Davis. Being black and a female in a male dominated sport such as baseball, it’s amazing how much Mo’Ne has become a household name. Her talent on the field and the buzz surrounding her has made her story endearing and empowering.

May it be Little League or the MLB, the only thing that should matter is what you can do and not what you are or who you are. I’m a guy but I understand how much it can make a big difference when there won’t be gender inequality. I respect anyone who deserves respect, male or female. I hope that in the near future, a talent like Mo’Ne won’t be so much of a phenom than it is the norm.

Stuff for the Active Guy

The big difference between men and women when it comes to grooming is that we take a much lesser amount of time to go through our routine, if we can even call it that. Meanwhile, we all know how women are, right? We don’t need to elaborate more on this.

So, us men just stick to the basics most of the time. I know that there are some guys – straight guys – who do spend a bit more time than the usual. Anyway, let’s start with shampoo. Are you guys picky when it comes to choosing what brand to use? In my case, I don’t require much. As long as it is safe to use, and actually makes my hair smell good, what with the long hours and being outdoors a lot, that’s good enough for me.

Based on what I’ve used, I regularly change from Head & Shoulders and Clear Shampoo for Men. You’ve seen the ads. It’s generally up to you to choose what you want.



Lifestyle Change

It must be said that if anyone wants to have a healthier body, the kind of lifestyle that you have also needs to change. Let’s face it, chugging too much beer even on the weekends can already have an effect on your body. I’m guessing girls don’t want to look at your beer belly. They want to see abs!

With that said, you guys should think of getting a lifestyle change. This also includes taking care of the aesthetic part of your body too. Even if you have abs, girls don’t want to be staring at your unhealthy skin/face all the time. For those who think taking a bit of time to make sure they don’t get acne is being vain, well, a bit of vanity won’t kill your guy rep. Part of lifestyle change, fellas.


Working out for the past few weeks have made a big difference in how I feel. Losing weight is a process and I do not really expect to lose a lot in only a short time. However, I personally feel that I feel better and lighter just because I have sweated out a lot during all those times in the gym.

Lifting weights has been a challenging aspect of working out but once you get the hang of it, everything actually seems easy and attainable. I started out really grunting hard and feeling like I could not do it but as soon as I found my rhythm with it, it eventually came quite easy for me.

Every single time that I changed weights, I was challenging myself to do better and not quit on it halfway. Yes, I was feeling pretty weak after a few times but again, it is all in the mind and once I was able to really focus on the main goal, I was able to encourage myself to continue on.

Impossible is nothing. That is what Adidas says. And I personally believe in this motto. Once you start empowering yourself with words that could enlighten you to achieve more things in life, anything is absolutely possible. Hard work is needed for you to gain results. Whatever effort you put in, that is also what you get out of it. That is why, if possible, I give my 110% just to make sure that I put everything out and to help myself achieve my goal which is to lose weight. If I could do it, so can you.

Gym Session

As usual, I went to the gym today for my workout. It actually went by pretty fast because there were also a few people I know there and we all got into talking with each other about our own programs.

The iFit Live technology that the gym had on their treadmills and some elliptical trainers was really cool. I tried it on the treadmill and let me tell you, it was a lot of fun. It enabled me to feel like I was in an actual running track and it really showed me how far I had gone in every minute I was running on that treadmill. When I finished the whole track, it would also show it on the map which was powered by Google Maps. After that, it would record your performance and your whole workout. You guys should try it out. It is the coolest thing! iFit Live is also in NordicTrack elliptical trainers. It is interactive and it definitely makes things more interesting when using these two equipment.

I also worked with a jumping rope and that really got me tired. My legs ached and burned as I got into it. This is also a really good routine especially if you want to work on the muscles on your legs.


No Overeating

My guy friends from university all decided to meet up for dinner and maybe some beer after. I said to myself that I would go but I should not overeat. The problem with being with the guys makes me also want to eat a lot especially since we are all guys and it is a fact that guys love to eat a lot. If I let myself overeat then going to the gym and working out for the past few days would all be useless.

The surprising thing was we actually chose a fine dining restaurant instead of somewhere we can all be raunchy and loud. But like my friends said, they wanted to eat dinner and have great wine. That is why they chose a classier set-up. The food was delicious and I am so proud of myself for not eating a lot. I just ate a normal amount of food and I also had a few wine. Wine can be healthy right?

After dessert, we went to a bar and had a few beers. I only had one glass because I did not want to have a lot alcohol intake because it is also one of the causes of why I got bigger. It is also a lot slower to burn so I decided not to have more than just one.


Bike and Elliptical

I went back to the gym today and worked out solely on the bike and the elliptical trainer. I did not want to lift weights today because I wanted to focus on my legs. My legs are not puny but they could definitely need a lot of work for them to look better and more muscular.

Working out on the elliptical trainer was really good because it was not that easy to do. At times I would get out of sync and not be able to fluidly pedal to make it move. This equipment is really good for those people who want to tone up their legs and thighs as well. It is a lot of work and determination is really the key to help you continue on and even if the muscles on your legs are already burning, you have to go on and finish the allotted time. Stopping in between for a long time won’t help you to burn fats and strengthen your muscles. No pain, no gain.

Working out on the bike was also a good exercise. It is not as hard as using the elliptical trainer because you are basically just biking and pedaling like you would an actual bike. However, it still is very tiring and after working out on the elliptical, my legs were bound to burn more as soon as I stepped into the bike.


Coffee and Papers

It is surprising for me to say this but I am really looking forward to going back to the gym. It has been almost a week since we last went back to working out. Everybody seems to be rushing off to finish stuff. Actually, I am in a middle of finishing a paper due tomorrow. I just had to take a break since my mind seems to be dying any minute now if I won’t take a breather. I am also now on my nth cup of coffee. It is nearly 4 in the morning and I keep looking at my bed and it is so damn inviting. How I wish I could just do exactly that and not care about this ridiculously long paper.

Anyways, I don’t really have anything better to say since I am probably now brain damaged. Haha. All I know is if you want to live a healthy life, you should have enough sleep and this paper is stopping me from having a healthier life.

Next update, I hope it would be about something which happened in the gym.

How I wish my coffee looks as nice as this picture.

I’m Beat

School has been tough on all of us. It’s pretty normal for the seniors I guess. I don’t mean to complain but it’s been preventing me from blogging for one. Plus, the guys and I haven’t really found the time to hit the gym. Our trainer probably thought he scared us off already. Haha. He must be talking crap about is just about now. Oh well, we’ll definitely be heading back soon, that is if we can actually find the time to do so. But the really good thing about being busy is not being able to think about food all that much. See? That is saying a lot, not that I’m exactly skipping meals or whatever but at least I haven’t been able to think about food all that much lately. I don’t know with the guys though since they are all big eaters, more than I could ever eat actually.

Anyway, sorry for the quick update. I have to hit the sack because I am totally beat physically and mentally.